Holacracy is a business management method that is gaining in popularity. It is often presented as an alternative to the traditional hierarchical model. In this article, we'll explain what holacracy is and how it works.

What is Holacracy?

Holacracy is a management system for businesses that focuses on organizing work into self-managed and autonomous teams. These teams are called circles, and each circle is responsible for a specific part of the company. Each circle has its own organizational structure and internal hierarchy.

Holacracy differs from traditional hierarchical structures by allowing employees to make decisions and take action autonomously. Circles have the authority to make decisions without requiring approval from a higher-ranking authority.

When a team adopts Holacracy, it defines the values that will guide its actions.

How does Holacracy work?

Holacracy is based on a system of roles rather than positions. Employees are encouraged to take on roles that align with their skills and interests. Roles are defined in documents called « circle role sheets. »

Circles are organized in a way that each role is linked to other roles within the circle. Employees can have multiple roles, but each role must be clearly defined and not conflict with other roles.

Advantages of Holacracy

Holacracy offers several benefits to businesses. Firstly, it enables employees to be more engaged in their work and make significant decisions. Autonomous circles also foster creativity and innovation by allowing employees to propose new ideas.

Additionally, Holacracy allows companies to adapt more quickly to market changes. Autonomous circles can make decisions rapidly and efficiently without needing approval from a higher-ranking authority.

Holacracy at Squadracer

At Squadracer, we have adopted a methodology similar to Holacracy called « Opale Enterprise ». Our organizational model focuses on autonomy and self-organization of teams.

Our actions are free and driven by the pursuit of our purpose, « Building a serene and fair professional community. » We take action internally, often through workshops with volunteers, such as « how to manage a company conflict? » or through personal initiatives like Julien’s podcast, « L’Atelier Opale ».


Holacracy is a management method that is gaining popularity due to its potential benefits. It allows employees to make significant decisions and promotes creativity and innovation. While it may not be suitable for every company, it can be an interesting alternative for those seeking a more autonomous and innovative approach.

If you are considering adopting Holacracy in your company, make sure to thoroughly understand the principles and practices of this method before implementing it. You can draw inspiration from the book Holacracy: The Revolutionary Management System written by the term’s inventor, Brian J. Robertson.