TEAL Organization

We are a team made up of 100% developers, so directly in touch with our customers, which allows us to have a better understanding of their needs, to be reactive and productive.

We are loyal during the entire life of any project. We reduce turnover on projects as much as possible.

We benefit from the knowledge and technical experience of the whole squad whenever needed. We frequently code all together on tiny side projects in order to share good practices thanks to reviews.

TEAL organization is based on trust:


Shared responsibilities

No hierarchy at Squadracer, « natural hierarchies » surface within specific areas/topics depending on everyone’s skills and wills. Without hierarchy, we’re all responsible for the future of our company.

=> We’re all giving the best of ourselves to contribute to its success. Self-governance perfectly works with small teams of dozen of persons.

Shared decision-making

Anyone can give his thought regarding any decision about the company after seeking notice from:

Seeking notice is usually an asynchronous and writing process.

Evolutive Purpose of the Company

Listening and staying attentive to external events, open to opportunities, allow us to constantly adapt to changes, by continuously reorienting directions taken by the company.


Squadracer allows each and everyone to be their true self, claiming their integrity. Dropping masks release a huge amount of energy to be more efficient.

We are setting up rituals to accompany each collaborator to find their own place at Squadracer:

All ideas are accepted, and anyone at Squadracer can suggest an idea, initiatives are more than welcome.

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Other successful companies have already chosen TEAL organization : Patagonia, Morning Star, Sun Hydraulics, Buurtzorg, FAVI…