Communication brings confidence and responsibility

We wish to be responsible for our choices and fully use our skills without asking for clearance.

It’s allowing us to be more reactive, improve efficiency and results, and scale our organization.

For that, we need to trust our colleagues and customers. Between colleagues, we favor a priori trust, it is up to us to keep it.

It’s a paradox but this trust is obtained or preserved by communicating frequently about our intentions, and the purpose of our actions.

Our communication is the clarity that L. David Marquet talks about in his formula:

Control (delegation) = Clarity x Skills

But it’s also the skill, we can’t all be experts on every solution/subject so we voluntarily rely on our colleagues and train each other, because it’s together that we will succeed.

Moving forward together with confidence

This value defines our vision of customer support. We bring our expertise for our customers’ good and its project. We move forward with him sharing the same will to succeed as if we were co-founders of our customer’s project.

Sometimes, choosing not to support a customer on his project is the right solution.

We want this part of the way together to be as serene as possible. It goes through regular communication to ensure we are following the right direction. But also to be sure to have a decent pace of work: sometimes there is a need to « rush » for a short period but it mustn’t become usual to work like this. Finally, responsive communication is an important quality that allows serenity for both parts.

Acting for Squadracer’s reputation

We believe that our communication is made through our acts, they lead to natural positive radiation for the company.

Our acts depend on our soft skills (communication, sympathy) and also on our pure technical skills. Without each of us combining both, it would be impossible to get this company’s radiation.

Building and sharing a wealth of good practices

We continuously watch for new best practices; by sharing those we allow anyone to benefit them.

Not only does this allow us to develop in the same way and be easily understandable, it also improves the quality of our work , by making it more maintainable or performant.

We also keep our customers informed of good practices they can undertake on their side to simplify their processes, this is part of our added value.