Showcase Your Technical Expertise

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Do you want to showcase your technical team? We assist you in implementing an effective technical communication strategy.
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1Action plan definition

Let's determine the communication channels your team should explore and what it should focus on!

2Media planning

Setting up your schedule based on your goals and bandwidth

3Implementation of your content

We assist you in creating your initial content and share our tips with you.

Blog Article

Writing blog articles on your technical challenges


Organizing events for your community


Guiding developers in increasing their skills


Writing a newsletter to share your technical insights

Open Source

Contributing to open-source projects


Producing podcasts by inviting experts in your field

Social Media Posts

Drafting posts for your team's tech page


Hosting a conference to share your expertise

Tech Videos

Creating explanatory videos for your products, services or features


Conducting a webinar to share your expertise

And much more...


  • Recruitment
  • Loyalty
  • Employer Branding


  • (4h/week) * 4 people


  • Basics of editing
  • Basics of capture
  • Production process
  • Minimum equipment
  • ...


  • Writing for Google
  • Publication process
  • Sparking interest
  • Choosing topics wisely
  • ...


  • Engaging a community
  • Hosting an event
  • Checklist to verify
  • Forming a lineup
  • ...

And many more!

We can train you on all possible channels, even on Twitch 🤯

Building an A-team for a major account

It's not always easy to build an A-team when you're starting a mission while also recruiting. Even less so to sustain it over time. It needs to evolve with time, not leaving anyone behind, training the newcomers... We look back on 2 years of mission and share our challenges and successes with you.

Discord vs Slack : How did we choose our professional messaging tool?

At the end of 2021 at Squadracer we were torn between our internal Slack, our Customer Slack and Google Meet for our videos. At Squadracer, we don't have premises, our collaborators are spread all over France, whether in Paris, Lyon, Rennes, Rouen... even as far as the Basque Country. You You will have understood it, as much as it turns out to be very practical for recruitment, communication is far from being facilitated.

The Teal organization, the futur of companies?

In his book "Reinventing Organizations", Frédéric Laloux presents the concept of the "Teal company". This new form of organization is based on three fundamental pillars: a scalable structure, a culture of trust, a vision of the company as a living organism.

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A little more than a comment

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Alexandre Borderes