Squadracer shares its wealth of good practices as well as its feedback

Building an A-team for a major account

It's not always easy to build an A-team when you're starting a mission while also recruiting. Even less so to sustain it over time. It needs to evolve with time, not leaving anyone behind, training the newcomers... We look back on 2 years of mission and share our challenges and successes with you.

Discord vs Slack : How did we choose our professional messaging tool?

At the end of 2021 at Squadracer we were torn between our internal Slack, our Customer Slack and Google Meet for our videos. At Squadracer, we don't have premises, our collaborators are spread all over France, whether in Paris, Lyon, Rennes, Rouen... even as far as the Basque Country. You You will have understood it, as much as it turns out to be very practical for recruitment, communication is far from being facilitated.

The Teal organization, the futur of companies?

In his book "Reinventing Organizations", Frédéric Laloux presents the concept of the "Teal company". This new form of organization is based on three fundamental pillars: a scalable structure, a culture of trust, a vision of the company as a living organism.

Ensure successful project management with web developers

Is there a web or software project management that is a guarantee of success, because it meets users' expectations as closely as possible by being particularly responsive, while respecting the fixed budgets? Yes, and here is the recipe.

How I became a streamer

We are July 6th, 2023 and I have the chance to live great moments on Squadracer's Twitch channel. But have I ever told you how I became a streamer for Squadracer?

Our proposals for a good social climate in the workplace

The social climate in business is a fundamental element for the success of any organization. Indeed, the well-being of employees is directly linked to their job satisfaction, their motivation and affects their productivity. It is unfortunately not induced and we will see together in this article how to measure it and what are the levers that we used at Squadracer to try to maintain it at the highest level.

Sébastien Faure
Sébastien Faure

Holacracy: how this new business management method works

Holacracy is a business management method that is gaining in popularity. It is often presented as an alternative to the traditional hierarchical model. In this article, we'll explain what holacracy is and how it works.

Sébastien Faure
Sébastien Faure

Why choose Ruby on Rails?

What make Ruby on Rails a very good choice to start an application in 2022

Sébastien Faure
Sébastien Faure

Théo & Julien's notebook

The Ultimate Guide to Ruby golfing